Etienne Birot

Software Selection Websites meet Salesforce’s development challenges for startups, SMEs and large corporations. For example, the leading US review website Capterra is currently listing more than 4,000 user reviews on Salesforce Sales Cloud. These positive peer-to-peer reviews make Sales Cloud relavant for all businesses. A multilocal website like appvizer goes even further by integrating Sales Cloud into articles that address business issues of Salesforce’s prospects. Contextualization by business cases naturally highlight our strengths. In 2017, signups on the website from these two software selection websites has been increasing each month.

Etienne Birot, ESMB Marketing Manager at Salesforce

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world leader of customer relationship solutions.

What king of business issues is Salesforce facing?

The CRM market is extremely competitive. SaaS model allows every vendor across the world to sell pretty much everywhere. Therefore Salesforce is constantly challenged by new & innovative CRMs.

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