FlyDoc: Take the paper out of sending postal mail or fax

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FlyDoc is an easy-to-use, secure, and reliable cloud fax and mail solution for single or large document volumes. Documents are sent directly from any desktop or business application with no hardware or software investment required. 100% on-demand, FlyDoc benefits from 24/7 access to a worldwide network of production facilities and a pay-per-use billing model.

FlyDoc rates include:

  • Complete service for fax, mail, email and SMS
  • A web interface to track your sent documents in real time
  • Technical support with no annual maintenance charges
  • Regular upgrades at no additional cost
  • Quality of service maintained 24/7

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Certified Emails
Fax Telecopying or telefax
Mail, Post Traditional mail
Document Management
Document Mass Printing
Document Posting
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