Cirrus Shield: CRM to boost your sales and customer satisfaction !

1 - Cirrus Shield, plug and play CRM that you can easily adapt to your needs

Most of the current CRMs are a legacy of the past, offer a monolithic approach to conducting business and have little capacity in adapting to your specific needs.

The award winning Cirrus Shield, designated as one of the top 10 most disruptive CRMs in the world, allows you to grow your sales and satisfy your customers in a whole new way.

Cirrus Shield's user interface is beautiful and streamlined for a superb user experience. Its modularity allows you to adapt it to your specific needs just as you would play with a Lego (TM).

Cirrus Shield is the CRM platform that allows your sales, marketing and customer service teams to be top performers. With its powerful reporting engine, Cirrus Shield gives your managers the visibility they need in just a few clicks. And with its visual configuration tools, you can extend Cirrus Shield with custom applications to manage your business.

Avoid one-size fits all solutions, choose Cirrus Shield to differentiate yourself from your competition and have a CRM that reflects your DNA.

2- The features of Cirrus Shield CRM

Cirrus Shield comes with out-of-the-box CRM modules:

  • Marketing campaigns integrated with a marketing automation and emailing solution.
  • Business development and Opportunity Management.
  • Accounts and Contacts Management in B2B or B2C contexts.
  • Quotes and Invoices.
  • Customer Service.
  • Partner and/ or Customer Portals.
  • Reports and Dashboards.

All modules are available on mobile, tablet and PC.

3 - One-click custom applications

Cirrus Shield offers a whole set of ready-made applications that you can install in one click in your environment :

  • CRM verticals for: e-commerce, consulting, service industry, SMEs,...
  • Native connectors with external applications:
    • Emailing and Marketing Automation : Sendinblue
    • E-commerce : Prestashop, Magento
    • Corporate Social Networks: Microsoft's Yammer
    • Online Payment : Stripe
    • Data Integration : Myddleware
    • Single Sign On : SAML, Microsoft Azure AD

Editor: Cirrus Shield

Strengths of Cirrus Shield

  • Certifications: GDPR

Cirrus Shield demo and screenshots

Cirrus Shield CRM, c'est quoi ? Instantly Available your apps on mobile, tablet and PC mobile interface A simple and intuitive interface Vue détails.PNG Tableaux de bord.PNG

Cirrus Shield customers

Cirrus Shield Client Cirrus Shield Client

Cirrus Shield pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

15 /month /user
25 /month /user
50 /month /user
75 /month /user


Application Settings
Data Duplication
Data Import & Export (CSV, XLS)
Users management
Data Sharing Rules
PDF export
Right management
Billing & Invoicing
Client Portal
Custom Invoices
Delivery Note
Electronic Invoicing
Invoice ID Management
Purchase Order
Quote to Invoice conversion
Payment follow-up
Appointment scheduling
Attachment management
Calendar syncing
Conversations and posts Collaborative discussions on a wall
Event Scheduling
Meeting report
News feed
Notes sharing
Notes taking Todo lists management and notes saving
Planning view
Task management
Time management
Group management
Integration & Interoperability
Marketing Automation
Ads Expenses Monitoring Manage your budget
Campaigns Management
Campaigns Reports Clics, ROI
Opt-out / Unscribe management
Population Targeting Segmentation & profiling
Users and Companies identification Provides name, and contact based on IP, finger printing, cookies
Sales Force Automation
Account management Companies follow-up
BtoB approach
Contact management People's details editing and individual follow-up
Contact type Client, Prospect
Customer Geo-location People or companies location on a map
Customer Portfolio Groups of customers
Customer file import
Events history and follow-up Account Activity & History
Lead Management Managing prospective customers from generation of leads to their conversion into sales and long-term relationships.
Lead management Deal that you have the possibility to close after qualification
Sales Lead Lifecycle Management
Sales forecast Future sales numbers based on statistics
Sales process and pipeline Customer life cycle management
Sales report Conversion rate, team performance, best sales
Salespeople Management
Segments / Populations Possibility to group contacts per type
BtoC approach
Business Proposition Customer engagement via a product positioning (price, competition, decision makers, etc.)
Custom Quote
Lead Scoring Prospect qualification
Product Catalogue Gallery of products for sale
Quote Proposal Avoidance
Salesmen Commissioning
Taking of orders
Configuration support
Workflow & process
Automatic actions
Task management & Reminders


Integration & Interoperability
API, Web Service Restful APIs
Responsive Web Interface (RWD) Application crafting to provide an optimal experience
Security & Confidentiality
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Community (FAQ, Forum)
Help Desk (Phone, Email, Ticket, Chat)
On-site Training
Online Training (Webinar)

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