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A powerful CMS for digital publishers - Bold from Quintype

The hero headless CMS from Quintype is every publisher’s friend. Bold empowers publishers to create, manage, and distribute content with ease. 

In bold, you can create an easy workflow. With features like live preview across all platforms as well as content collections, there really is no better way to manage content. There’s no need to individually publish stories across social media handles, BOLD brings it all together. 

With multilingual support, BOLD users have established themselves in various regional spheres. No more language barrier, at least not in your CMS!

Features include :

  • Omni-channel distribution 
  • SEO validations 
  • Analytics 
  • Customization
  • Live Blogging 
  • Geo Tagging

Today’s publishers are looking for an easy and well developed CMS. One that is equipped for digital media challenges. BOLD was designed for modern publishers. With minimal clicks and maximum customization options, it provides seamless interaction across platforms.

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Strengths of Bold CMS

  • Omnichannel Content Delivery
  • API access and Responsive Web apps

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