JustControl.it: Digital marketing insights for data-driven decisions

JustControl.it is a solution for companies willing to control their ad spending, assess the progress and outcomes of their digital marketing campaigns involving multiple channels, and examine reports covering each slice of data. The platform features a customizable dashboard with configurable widgets, charts, and graphs. Thus, the solution gives its customers simple and efficient tools to collect, clean, transform, and visualize large amounts of data.

With JustControl at your disposal, you can: 
- have custom data sources 
- combine and merge several accounts into a single report
- schedule automated reports to be sent every day or every hour 
- configure and track custom metrics 
- be notified about the occurring anomalies and events 

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Strengths of JustControl.it

  • Comprehensive statistics and data consistency
  • Dedicated server infrastructure
  • Powerful visualization

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