Grytics for Facebook Workplace: Optimize your use of Workplace by Facebook

Grytics for Workplace is a SaaS analytics to measure, analyze and improve your group activity on Workplace by Facebook.

The objectif is to help organizations to optimize their use of Workplace by Facebook.

Grytics for Workplace Analysis

Grytics for Workplace is developed to improve your internal communication and to get a better overview of activities.

You can also follow conversations and have a vision of exchange between teamwork.

Our solution helps you to facilitate the administration of your Workplace groups thanks to enhanced analytics, management and reporting features. 

Key features of Grytics for Workplace 

Here are the main features of Grytics for Workplace:

Measure your Working Groups Activity

  • Quickly understand your groups engagement.                                                 
  • Get your groups insights including posts, reactions and comments.                
  • Obtain reportings in Excel, PDF & PPT.                                                     
  • Get your groups ranking: which groups are the most active.

Manage your Members Activity

  • Create a tag system regarding members and their posts.

Publications and comments

  • Analyse top posts and best comments.
  • Identify the most popular topics within groups.
  • Configure a tag system for publications.
  • Set up your own alert system.

Archives and reports 

  • Get automated reports to your mailbox.
  • Download data, graphs and reports in PDF, PPTX or Excel. 

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