Kalisseo: Visualization and monitoring of projects, Prince2, Spend Analysis


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What is Kalisseo

Kalisseo is a user-friendly project management software. Its easy-to-use navigation will allow you to manage multiple projects from start to finish.

The solution is made up of different modules that allow you to set up your own tools to manage your projects. Among the modules at your disposal are:

  • Project management: project management, budgeting, planning, risk management
  • Engineering: document management (GED), back-logs, test management, anomaly management, milestones, quality
  • Collaboration: calendars, alerts and notifications, dashboards and reports, task management
  • Data sharing: import, export, rights management
  • Strategy: Business Model Canvas, Business Plan

Kalisseo also integrates all project management methods to change or improve your internal organization:

  • Agile,
  • Prince 2,
  • PMBOK,
  • LEAN Startup,
  • COBIT,
  • and much more. 

Kalisseo has no fewer than 20 project management methods to structure you. Projects often start without much structure that can work in small teams, but a proven and recognized method will allow you to optimize your costs, delays, and therefore the satisfaction of your customers.

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Kalisseo: Visualization and monitoring of projects, Prince2, Spend Analysis
Kalisseo: Visualization and monitoring of projects, Prince2, Spend Analysis
Kalisseo: Identification of impacts, Gantt, Task Management & Alerts
Kalisseo: Prince2, Expenditure Analysis, online training (webinar)
Kalisseo: Expenditure Analysis, Visualization and monitoring of projects, online training (webinar)
Kalisseo: Project planning, impacts Identification, Risk Mapping
Kalisseo: Risk mapping, Budget Management, Prince2
Kalisseo: Shared Calendars, PMBOK, Budget Management

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