How are the sofware rated?

Appvizer saves you time in your software search.

The overall Appvizer rating

Appvizer's overall rating is a trust indicator and a crucial aid to your decision making.

Our algorithm aggregates and filters reviews left across the web. Then we calculate an overall rating based on a weighted average of these reviews. Our tool, developed in-house, takes into account the number of reviews and the score given, in order to provide a more reliable and objective score.

Reviews from the Appvizer community

Software users can share their experience by leaving a review on Appvizer. These reviews are verified by our team to ensure their authenticity and honnesty. The "unnatural" or generated reviews are discarded, so that only those that provide value in the decision making process and retained.

The rating given by users is automatically taken into account in the calculation of the overall Appvizer rating.

Appvizer's opinion and complete test

Appvizer experts are asked to test the features of certain software.

Their feedback appears under the heading "Appvizer Opinion". The complete test describes in detail the main features of the software.

How does Appvizer make money?

Appvizer is free for professionals.
The software publishers are the ones who make Appvizer live through three mechanisms

The ad banner

As a media, Appvizer displays contextual advertising banners. Appvizer’s Advertising Department being completely independent of the Editorial Committee, these banners do not influence the content we provide.

The quote

Appvizer may quote software solutions within a piece of content if the Editorial Committee deems they are relevant to the subject matter and provide value to our readers. Though some vendors compensate Appvizer for the right to be mentioned, they cannot influence the choices made by the Editorial Committee or their opinion of a solution.

The click

Appvizer displays links to the website of software vendors when we deem the solution relevant to professionals. The vendor compensates Appvizer each time a reader clicks this link.