Lightspeed: in summary

Lightspeed Restaurant: the touch screen cash register software for all restaurants

Lightspeed is a complete business platform for restaurants that want to simplify their daily life and develop their business.

Boost your business and secure your restaurant's future with Lightspeed Restaurant's various features: delivery, contactless payment, customizable seating charts, inventory management, and online ordering.

With Lightspeed, you can focus less on execution and more on personalizing your service to increase customer satisfaction.

Simplify your service. Less day-to-day tasks so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business and improving the customer experience.

Simplified management of your daily activities 

  • Centralized inventory management from the cash register system: never run out of ingredients, optimize your supply and limit your food costs 
  • Easily manage your seating plan: move tables and modify your seating plan so your staff always knows where to go
  • Equipment: Printers, iPads, cash drawers, etc. We can provide you with all the equipment you need to create the perfect work environment.
  • Customizable menu: Create and edit your menu in minutes - let your customers see what they are ordering.
  • Kitchen display screen: prepare your orders faster with a display screen connected in real-time to the cash register software - all your orders are automatically sent to the kitchen!

Personalize the customer experience 

  • Enhance the customer experience with ordering modes by dish or seat
  • Keep track of your customers' order history with personalized notes and past orders available on the user profile 
  • Increase average bill with custom dish combinations and menu modifiers
  • Separate the bill by table number, dish, or amount in a few clicks
  • Let your customers pay the way they want by credit card, debit card, or mobile payment, and integrate your payments into Lightspeed

Build customer loyalty

  • Loyalty programs: reward your most loyal customers with our integrated partners
  • Schedule promotions for a specific time period with automatic deactivation
  • Gift cards: attract new customers and build loyalty with gift card payments

Track your performance with detailed reports

  • Track employee performance with the job and team reports and identify your best performers
  • End-of-day reporting: get an overview of your performance with the overall sales report, by product or by server
  • Multi-location management: access all your locations' data centrally in your cash register software with one click
  • Cash drawers: view all transactions made by the hour or day

A connected and customizable cash register platform 

  • Multi-industry: cafes, bakeries, hotels, fast food, etc., our cash register platform is adapted to all needs and can be customized according to your desires
  • Multiple integrations: complete catalog of integrations (marketing, loyalty, accounting, inventory, etc.) to optimize your operational management and have a 360° vision without leaving your cash register

Its benefits

All-in-one platform

Unlimited support

Multiple integrations

Lightspeed: its rates

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