Mydatacatalogue: Data catalog with data recognition algorithms

Mydatacatalogue-objectif gouvernance de données

Mydatacatalogue - Data mapping tool which, thanks to its intelligent algorithms, identifies the data in your information system to allow you to improve your knowledge of your data assets.

Probes, analysis algorithms and automatic classification, allow an exhaustive audit of your information assets; this whatever the nature of your data - structured (applications) or unstructured (office automation).

The Mydatacatalogue solution, which can be deployed in SaaS or On-Premise mode, thus facilitates your data governance project with an intelligent and shared catalog.

Editor: DAWIZZ

Strengths of Mydatacatalogue

  • Automatic audit of the information system
  • Intelligent data cataloging
  • Data mapping

Mydatacatalogue demo and screenshots

Mydatacatalogue-objectif gouvernance de données Mydatacatalogue-ecran1 Mydatacatalogue-ecran2 Mydatacatalogue-ecran3 Mydatacatalogue-ecran4

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Connection to Live Data Sources
Custom Charts
Data Import/Export
Data Source Editing
Drill Down
Interactive Dashboard
Semantic Analysis
Shared Dashboards and Reports
Verbatim Analysis
Customer Support
Live Chat
Data Asset Management
Authorization to access and correct personal data
Automated Data Portability (GDPR)
Automated Right to be Forgotten
Cross-Device Data Management
Data Collection
Data Processing Registry
GDPR Audit
GDPR Consent Management
GDPR Documentation and Archives Management
Document Management
Automatic Document Classification Based on bar codes, patch codes, OCR areas and blank pages
Document Sharing (Files)
Meta Data


Integration & Interoperability
API, Web Service Restful APIs
Active Directory (AD) Integration
Linux OS
Mac OS
Windows OS

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