Clustdoc: in summary

Clustdoc is a software package for creating and checking customer and administrative files. 

Clustdoc enables you to structure and unify the way you collect and receive information from your usual contacts (customers, suppliers, job applicants) - and speed up the closing of your contracts.

Clustdoc offers you a new way of working:

  • Automate the collection and management of your customer files. 
  • Eliminate manual tasks and reduce verification times.
  • Stop juggling multiple tools to collect customer information and documents. 
  • Engage your customers and improve their reception experience. 

With Clustdoc, you can collect information from an online customer portal:

  • Remote request for supporting documents
  • Collection of requested documents
  • Creation of online forms 
  • Verification and validation of documents
  • Verification of customer identity
  • Customer reminders
  • Exchanges with customers via integrated messaging
  • Collaboration with partners
  • Payment by credit card
  • Electronic signature
  • and much more

Improve team productivity & customer experience 

Document collection no longer has to be a hindrance to your business. With Clustdoc, you can manage the entire collection process from A to Z, securely and centrally, and reduce tedious manual tasks.

As for your customers, they have access to a personalized, easy-to-understand entry path that encourages them to follow the collection process through to the end.

Discover our customer profiles:
Real Estate Brokers, Rental Agencies, Asset Managers, Consultants, HR, Government and more!

Take advantage of a free 7-day trial and find out how Clustdoc can digitize and automate your customer relations processes.

Its benefits

Request documents & auto reminders

Modern & mobile-friendly customer portal

Traceability & productivity

Customer identity verification

Electronic signature

Certifications:eIDAS, GDPR

Clustdoc - Video
Clustdoc - Automatically track each action completed by your clients and teammates on each case file.
Clustdoc - Personalize the document collection experience.
Clustdoc - Use our proprietary and legally-binding eSigning feature on any form.
Clustdoc - Review, approve or deny submitted files with a click.
Clustdoc - Run client onboarding workflows on every device.

Clustdoc: its rates

/month /3 users
/month /5 users
On demand

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