Open Bee™ Portal: Open Bee Digital Platform

Powerful web based platform designed to simplify the management of your live documents.

  • Document workflow, graphical workflow engine steamlining review and approval process of documents as they proceed through their lifecycle
  • Content Security, multiple features such as two-factor authentification, data, encryption, read/download/print/export system rights dynamic watermarks, advanced audit trail, virtual data room to make sure your content is safe.
  • File Sharing, advanced intranet, extranet options that empower collaboration with your ecosystem (co-workers, customers, suppliers, business partners, etc.)

Editor: OPEN BEE

Strengths of Open Bee™ Portal

  • intelligent automation of data capture
  • out of the box data filing capabilities
  • helping you eliminate paper-intensive processes
  • Certifications: NF Logiciel

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