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Zoho Docs lets you create a collaborative space where everything is available to the team in real-time. Share files securely and foster interaction with this innovative software.

What Zoho Docs Can Do For You

Store all kinds of files securely in Zoho Doc, access them on the go and share them with your colleagues.

  • Enjoy 5GB of free storage space to get you started right away!
  • Sync your devices automatically: works with Windows, macOS and Ubuntu
  • Edit your documents online with Zoho's Office tools
  • Create a secure file cabinet to store sensitive documents

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Strengths of Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs demo and screenshots

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Zoho Docs pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

8 /month /user
5 /month /user


Document Management
Cross-Device Sync
Document Library
Document Sharing (Files)
Document Versions
Documents Viewer
Email Document as a Link
Full Text Search
Revisions & Versions
Shared Folders
Spreadsheet Editor
Word Processing Documents Editor


Security & Confidentiality
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

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