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Powerful knowledge base software with great customer support


Powerful knowledge base software with great customer support

Eric Morcillo, Accessit, published on 9/8/21

PHPKB is a great knowledge base management solution at an affordable one-time price. The interface is very easy to use and it offers a lot of features. The live search function is excellent and allows our customers to find what they need quickly. The support team is very friendly and eager to interact directly.


We replaced our previous knowledgebase solution, which was old, unattractive, and hard for both us and our customers to use. The support staff at PHPKB helped us with the data migration service from our old KB. With the feature-rich admin panel, our content creators are able to create a repository of answers to common questions so that our users can help themselves easily and quickly. The public and private categories allow us to easily share the knowledge base with our internal staff and people outside of our organization.

Suggestions / Cons:

None in particular but there is always some scope for improvement. We are using the Enterprise Multi-Language Edition of the software for over a year now and we are totally happy with it. It meets our existing needs and we are confident that they will continue adding new features in future releases.

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