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Scales customer engagement, boosts brand loyalty with cutting-edge analytics.

Loyale offers an innovative platform designed to enhance customer relationships through advanced engagement strategies and analytical tools. It empowers businesses to boost brand loyalty and tailor offers, ensuring a personalized customer experience. With its intuitive design, this platform enables seamless integration with existing systems, making it an ideal solution for any enterprise looking to elevate their customer loyalty programs.

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Segment customers based on demographics or purchase behaviour

Communicate with customers through push notifications, emails & posts

Schedule personalised one-off or repeat automations using triggers

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Streamline customer support with intuitive software that prioritizes efficiency and organization.

With advanced features like automated case routing and customizable workflows, this software maximizes productivity and promotes customer satisfaction. Its user-friendly interface simplifies communication and enhances team collaboration, allowing for seamless issue resolution.

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Complete customer history with Salesforce integration

Artificial Intelligence can anticipate an activity

Scalable platform from 1 to 10 thousand users

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Get deep insights into your customers and enhance their experience with our Customer Data Platform.

Our software collects, unifies, and analyzes data from multiple sources to provide a 360-degree view of your customers. Use this information to personalize interactions, improve targeting, and increase engagement.

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Streamline your subscription management with powerful tools for billing, invoicing, and reporting.

Upzelo's subscription management software simplifies your billing process with customizable invoices and automated payment reminders. Gain insight into your business with real-time reporting and analytics, and easily manage customer accounts with our intuitive dashboard.

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Churn Management

Subscription Retention

Net Revenue Retention

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