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Candidate selection for higher education

The management of candidacy files in higher education is a very time consuming task. verifying applications, administrative validation, evaluation... Each step in the recruitment proccess require intervention by third-parties with specific roles and tasks to carry out.

The eMundus company proposes an Open Source platform which can handle every step of the candidate selection proccess for a higher education program.

You are looging for a solution to:

  • Recruit a student candidate for a higher education program.
  • Select a file for financing research projects.
  • Recruiting a Temporary Lecturer and Research Assistant.

The different modules found in the application will give you the ability to:

  • Set up recruitment periods.
  • Build a custom candidacy space for each of your programs.
  • Evaluate candidacy files online.
  • Comunicate with your applicants.
  • Organize interview time slots.
  • Manage admissions.
  • Generate documents based on Word templates.
  • Export data (Excel, PDF, ZIP).
  • Add online payments.

If you would like to set up a tailored proccess and gain time, contact us, the eMundus platform is fully customizable to your needs,  even the most demanding.

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eMundus - Application form
eMundus - Application form
eMundus - Application form
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eMundus - Consultation application

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