Opium.eBanking: in summary

Multichannel, white-label and complete web banking platform built on strong experience in secure application development and online banking applications, the unique architecture has been designed to automatically handle all the security and technical standards, allowing you to concentrate on your business services. Whether you are a small or large financial institution, Opium.eBanking helps you to leverage your online channel to fulfil and exceed your customers' expectations.

Customizable workflows align your Internet banking with your business. For example, you can modify the money transfer workflow to send an email to business auditors whenever a transfer is greater than a specified amount or the target country is unusual. If regulations change, requiring more detailed information regarding fees, you just tell Opium.eBanking where to collect this information, then the screens and reports will be automatically adapted for you. Our platform allows firms with stringent privacy policies to easily build a secure and rich portal for their clients and partners.

All the Ready-To-Use services are encapsulated into the same 3-Tier Solution Server so they are available to any application process without the need of scattered external technologies. This approach eliminates most of the risks of global solution deployment and complex maintenance. It also ensures smooth and secure delivery without jeopardizing existing assets, whether they are applications or infrastructure components.

  • Rapid market deployment
  • Multi-channel solution, desktop & mobile devices
  • Hybrid or Native mobile electronic banking application
  • Customizable applications and reports
  • All in one - out of the box, from strong authentication to STP
  • Available on-site licensing model or Software as a service (SaaS)

Its benefits

White-Label eBanking

On-site installation or Software as a Service (SaaS)

Fully customisable interfaces


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