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Software for the health sector (hospital, laboratory, dentist, etc.) makes it possible to manage the operation of the establishment (nursing staff, patient management, etc.) within the legal framework in force. Use the software comparator to choose the right solution for your business.

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Our selection of 5 health software

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Effortlessly track your clients' diets with our cutting-edge software. Get customized meal plans, nutritional analysis, and progress reports.

Nutrium Software is the ideal tool for nutritionists and dietitians who want to provide their clients with a personalized experience. With features like meal plan customization, nutritional analysis, and progress tracking, you can easily manage your clients' diets and help them achieve their health goals.

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Appointment Scheduling

Meal Planning

Dietary Analysis

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Patient Portal software that provides secure communication, appointment scheduling, and online billing for healthcare providers and patients.

With SimplePractice's Patient Portal software, healthcare providers can easily manage appointments, securely communicate with patients, and streamline billing processes. Patients can access their health records, receive appointment reminders, and make payments online. This software simplifies administrative tasks and improves patient engagement.

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Telemedicine software for remote patient consultations, secure messaging, and video conferencing.

Apizee Health enables healthcare professionals to provide virtual care, access medical records, and collaborate with colleagues. The software's user-friendly interface and customizable features ensure seamless integration into existing workflows.

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Speed ​​of processing

Cost reduction

Health care access

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Streamlines patient data management and enhances care quality with intuitive features.

PIH MEDIC, an Electronic Medical Records software, is designed to optimize healthcare practices by streamlining patient data management, improving the quality of care through advanced analytical tools, and facilitating seamless communication among healthcare professionals. Its intuitive interface ensures easy navigation and efficient patient record handling.

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Patient appointment booking

Available on PC, tablet and mobile phone

Affordable prices

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Personalized diet plans, nutrition tracking, and meal suggestions tailored to user goals.

YourNutri offers personalized diet plans, aiming to match individual nutritional needs with their health and fitness goals. It features dynamic nutrition tracking, interactive meal suggestions, and adapts to dietary preferences to assist users in achieving their dietary objectives. The software provides a comprehensive dashboard for monitoring progress, ensuring an efficient and tailored dietary management experience.

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nutrition plan

document sharing

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