EasyResto: in summary

EasyResto is a premier software solution tailored for the restaurant industry, offering an affordable and scalable platform without subscription fees. Ideal for restaurants of all sizes, it features comprehensive order management, product tracking, and customer loyalty programs.

What are the main features of EasyResto?

Streamlined Order Management

EasyResto Standard simplifies order handling with its robust system for managing both dine-in and takeaway orders.

  • Efficient tracking of in-house and takeaway orders.
  • Comprehensive product management for easy menu updates.
  • Activity monitoring to ensure smooth operations.
  • Customer profile management to enhance personalized service.
  • Customizable loyalty programs to retain customers.
  • Various payment options, including direct connection to electronic payment terminals (TPE).

Enhanced Inventory and Reservation Control

EasyResto PRO builds on the Standard version, offering advanced features for detailed management.

  • Stock Management: Keep precise control over inventory to prevent shortages.
  • Account Customers Management: Handle customer accounts effortlessly.
  • Prepaid Cards: Introduce prepaid options for customer convenience.
  • Graphic Floor Plan Management: Visualize table arrangements for better service planning.
  • Table Reservations: Includes options for web-based reservation platforms.
  • Multi-Pricing Management: Implement different pricing tiers as needed.
  • Product Reservations: Allow customers to reserve items ahead of time.
  • Delivery Integration: Seamless integration with Uber Eats for delivery services.
  • Order Taking PDAs: Optional connections to Maé and EasyPocket PDAs for efficient table-side ordering.

Continuous Support and Data Security

EasyResto offers unparalleled support and security through the Sérénité Contract.

  • Unlimited Helpline: Access 24/7 support from a dedicated French-based team.
  • Automatic Cloud Backups: Ensure data safety with secure cloud storage.
  • FEC File Extraction: Simplify accounting with easy-to-access financial records for auditors.

In summary, EasyResto by Solumag stands out as a comprehensive tool for restaurant management. The Standard version provides essential features for efficient operation, while the PRO version offers advanced tools for in-depth management. With its powerful capabilities, flexibility, and continuous support, EasyResto is an indispensable partner for restaurateurs seeking to optimize their business operations.

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