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Hotel software that maximizes revenue by automating marketing, pricing, and guest experience.

Cendyn/One helps hotels increase occupancy rates and guest satisfaction through personalized communications, competitive pricing, and upsell opportunities. Its comprehensive dashboard streamlines operations and provides actionable insights to improve revenue management.

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Streamline your hotel operations with cloud-based software that automates reservations, billing, and more.

Cloudbeds Hospitality Software simplifies daily tasks, like room assignments and inventory management. Its user-friendly interface and integrations with popular booking platforms make it a top choice for hotels of all sizes.

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Fully Integrated PMS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine & More

Cloud-based and User-friendly

24/7 Support

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Streamline your hotel operations with cloud-based software that simplifies reservations, billing, and inventory management.

With user-friendly interfaces and real-time updates, Hotelogix is a cost-effective solution for hotels of all sizes. Its robust features include channel management, POS integration, and customizable reporting.

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Manage your hotel with ease. Streamline reservations, check-ins, and payments in one place with this cloud-based software.

With Misterbooking PMS, you can easily track occupancy, manage room availability, and generate reports. The software also offers integrations with popular booking channels and allows for customizable pricing and promotions. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to efficient hotel management.

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Cloud PMS that fits your hotel needs

Hotline and technical support

Native channel manager and booking engine

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Streamline hotel operations with software that automates guest feedback, online reputation management, and marketing.

Revinate's hotel software helps hotels improve their guest experience by collecting and analyzing feedback, managing online reviews and reputation, and automating marketing campaigns to increase bookings and revenue.

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Hotel software that streamlines operations, simplifies reservations, and optimizes revenue management.

Thaïs-PMS helps hotels automate tasks like check-ins, housekeeping, and billing. It also offers real-time data and analytics for smarter pricing and inventory management.

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Streamline hotel operations with efficient software designed to handle bookings, reservations, and guest communications.

Octopus24 is a versatile SaaS platform that provides hoteliers with everything they need to manage their properties. From the moment a guest makes a reservation, the system takes care of everything, including payment processing, room assignments, and check-in procedures.

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Hotel management software with advanced analytics, booking management, and revenue optimization tools.

Streamline operations with real-time insights, automate pricing decisions, and increase revenue with personalized offers. Clairvoyix helps hotels grow their business.

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Streamlines hotel operations, enhances guest experience, integrates easily with third-party services.

Lean Hotel System PMS revolutionizes hospitality management through seamless integration with third-party services, streamlined operations, and features designed to amplify guest satisfaction. Its innovative technology handles bookings, payments, and check-ins efficiently, ensuring a smooth workflow for hotel staff and a delightful experience for every guest.

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Multiple integrations

Multi-property management


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Vacation rental software with online booking, property management, and channel management.

Manage reservations, automate payments, and sync calendars across multiple platforms with ease. Increase bookings and save time.

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7-day free trial. No credit card required!

Channel Manager connected with the top booking channels

Accept payments on your own mobile friendly website

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