Kestio: in summary

Created in 2007, KESTIO is the first 100% digitalized Sales Coaching Platform. We enable managers, entrepreneurs and their teams to perform better and reach their objectives in a sustainable way.

Our mission 

To provide small companies with the expertise and content of Sales and Marketing Excellence that was previously reserved for companies with more than 200 commercial people in order to help them in their sales performance.

A platform designed for you

Whether you are a small business, a solopreneur or a freelancer.

Whatever your field of activity or the environment in which you evolve.

Whether you manage the commercial part alone or are assisted by an employee.

Whatever your budget or the time you have to devote to your business.

A community of entrepreneurs and managers
Break with the solitude of entrepreneurship, exchange with leaders in the same dynamic as you and grow your business!

We strongly believe in the power of relationships and experience sharing in business development.

By joining our sales support platform Kommunity, you also become part of a network of several hundred leaders and entrepreneurs.

Two Klubs to learn, exchange and make contacts in order to move forward more quickly towards your goals.

The Executive Club, a place for passionate entrepreneurs to share their experiences.

Exchange with other managers on your different challenges and problems and find solutions thanks to the feedback of each one.

The Business Club, a gas pedal in your business development

A Club dedicated to everything related to sales, commercial tools and prospecting methods. It will help you develop your business, make yourself known and attract new customers.

Certified experts at your side

Former sales and marketing directors, Key Account Managers, high-level Business Developers, digital marketers, CRM functional consultants, Customer Relationship Managers...

Our Kommunity sales support platform relies on over 50 consultants and experts in their field.

All of them are selected, certified and trained with the utmost care to help you with the sales and marketing issues you encounter on a daily basis.

A catalog of resources tailored to your business and unlimited access

Kommunity gives you access to an entire catalog of resources, methods, tools and support to unleash your company's sales potential.

Our experts will help you choose and implement the most useful and effective resources for your business.

How do I join Kommunity?

You book a demonstration of our Kommunity platform with an expert from our team.

If you're impressed, you sign up and get your first month free to test.

With an expert, you will conduct a complete diagnosis of your company's entire business.

Following the diagnosis, you receive a personalized action plan based on 6 pillars to help you develop your sales performance.

You benefit from all the resources of the platform on a daily basis, and exchange with our experts as well as with other managers and sales representatives in the Clubs.

Its benefits

Pool of experts available within 24 hours

Access to a large community of director

Centralized business resources

Kestio: its rates

On demand

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