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BestConsultant is a startup providing a complete web application to manage any consulting firm - at operational or strategic level.

All key activities are addressed in independant yet interconnected modules built with best practice features : Recruitment, Staffing/CRM, Evaluations, Timesheets, Invoicing, Leave, Training and Surveys. Of course we use the data across all modules to provide the best KPIs and dashboards.

With our built-in options we can cover the needs of any kind of consultancy from 20 to 5000+ consultants, managing 100% internals or 100% externals, local or global with multiple offices.

Advantages of BestConsultant

  • Modern (we use the latest technology)
  • Features (built by listening to our users)
  • Flexibility (our solution keeps on getting better)
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Sales funnel dashboard
Sales funnel dashboard
monitoring Timesheets
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staffing consultants

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Activity monitoring
Breaks (paid and not paid)
Company Directory
Export to payroll system
Leave Balance
Leave Management
+ 36 other features

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