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Webmecanik AutomationOpen Source marketing automation solution without limits

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Paid version from €400.00 /month

Boost your marketing with automation software that streamlines your campaigns, generates leads, and tracks results.

With this software, you can create personalized landing pages, build email campaigns, and track website visitors to optimize your marketing efforts. Its intuitive interface and customizable templates make it easy to use, while its powerful analytics provide insights that help you improve your ROI.

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Open Source

Data hosting in France, Switzerland United States, Australia

Proactive support

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Paid version from €25.00 /month

Streamline your customer relationship management with powerful software that automates tasks and improves efficiency.

With features like lead management, customizable dashboards, and real-time analytics, this software allows you to focus on building relationships and growing your business. Its intuitive interface and mobile accessibility make it easy to use and stay connected on-the-go.

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Automation of administrative tasks

Quality approach for Qualiopi certification

GDPR compliance

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Paid version from €4.00 /month

Enhance teamwork with a powerful collaborative platform. Streamline communication and project management with real-time updates and document sharing.

With this software, teams can easily collaborate on projects, share files, and communicate in real-time. The platform's intuitive interface allows for seamless task management and progress tracking, making it the perfect tool for teams of all sizes.

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All-in-one. Forget Slack, Trello, Zoom and Dropbox

Friendly Customer Service :-)

Data hosted in France (by Outscale)

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Pricing on request

AI-powered chat and chatbot software with easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. Customizable templates and integrations with popular platforms.

BOTNATION AI simplifies chatbot creation with its intuitive interface and pre-built templates. Integrations with Facebook, Slack, and more make it a versatile tool for businesses of all sizes. The AI-powered chatbot allows for personalized conversations with customers, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

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Paid version from $9.00 /month

Education & eLearning software with advanced analytics, personalized learning, and collaborative tools.

Opendo helps educators track student progress with real-time analytics, personalize learning with adaptive assessments, and facilitate collaboration with interactive tools.

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Paid version from €99.00 /year

Streamline your business processes with our BPM software. Automate tasks, improve efficiency, and reduce errors.

With our BPM software, you can map out your processes, set rules, and automate workflows. Monitor progress, track data, and make data-driven decisions. Our software is customizable and user-friendly, making it easy to implement and manage.

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Collaborative work platform with access settings

Traceability feature via integrated data input interface

Hardware compatible via industry-standard interfaces

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Paid version from €90.00 /month

Streamline business processes with a powerful ERP software. Manage finances, inventory, and customer relationships all in one place.

Increase productivity and efficiency by automating tasks and accessing real-time data. Customizable dashboards and reports provide insights for informed decision-making.

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