Connect Fleet: in summary

Free2Move, the PSA Group's mobility brand, offers Connect Fleet, an online platform for connected fleet management. Thanks to the on-board electronics of your vehicles, the data for your entire fleet is sent back in real time to this platform for optimized monitoring.

Connect Fleet allows you to:

  • Track the mileage of vehicles in your fleet and fuel consumption,
  • To locate stolen vehicles and optimize the activity of field teams through geolocation,
  • To encourage responsible eco-driving thanks to information on driving behavior.

Connect Fleet is compatible with 100% of your automobile fleet (by PSA Group factory unit or by PSA Group approved unit) and offers you total visibility of your fleet.

In the form of PSA-guaranteed units installed directly in the vehicle, GPS data is received and sent in real time via a SIM card to a SAS platform which processes this data and then translates it into dashboards.

Integrating telematics systems to manage your fleet has many benefits for accurately tracking of your activity.

The benefits of Connect Fleet :

  • Quick profitability : The return on investment is generally less than 10 months, thanks to the reduction of your fuel consumption.
  • Total visibility of the fleet : With synced data and reports, you can track your entire fleet in real time. Maintenance alerts also help you to be more efficient in monitoring your fleet's performance.
  • Multibrand : Our solution is compatible with all brands and types of cars. You benefit from the synchronisation of data for your entire fleet on the online platform.
  • Data protection : Protect your employees' personal data through the "privacy" mode available with our geolocation product, and reduce the risk of accidents by tracking driving behaviour and through personalised tips.

A simple and practical solution, regardless of the size of your company or community.

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