Truckstop: in summary

Truckstop is a suite of software solutions designed for the transportation and logistics industry. It is used by carriers, brokers, and shippers to manage their logistics operations, including load boards, transportation management systems, and carrier onboarding tools.

Truckstop's load board,, is one of the most popular load boards in the industry, connecting carriers and brokers with shippers to find and book freight loads. It offers a wide range of features, such as customizable search filters, real-time tracking, and load recommendations, making it a valuable tool for logistics professionals.

In addition, Truckstop offers other software solutions that help manage freight payments, compliance, and other logistics-related tasks. These solutions provide comprehensive support for logistics companies, streamlining their operations and reducing costs.

Overall, Truckstop is a comprehensive logistics software solution that is designed to meet the needs of all players in the transportation industry. Its wide range of features, ease of use, and powerful integrations make it a strong choice for anyone looking to optimise their logistics operations.

Its benefits

Efficient load booking and real-time tracking

Comprehensive logistics support

Customizable search filters

Its disadvantages

Complete set of tools for complex logistics operations

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Appvizer's opinion

Truckstop is an excellent logistics software solution that offers a range of features and tools for efficient load booking and comprehensive logistics support. Its load board,, is highly regarded for its customizable search filters, real-time tracking, and load recommendations. 

The Transportation Management System (TMS) provides a comprehensive platform for load planning and optimization, dispatching, carrier management, and freight payment. The carrier onboarding tools help logistics companies manage their relationships with carriers. We highly recommend Truckstop to logistics professionals looking for a powerful set of tools to streamline their operations and optimize their load booking process. Its comprehensive support for load booking, transportation management, and carrier onboarding makes it an excellent choice for logistics companies of all sizes.

Truckstop: its rates and features

Truckstop offers three different plans: Basic, Advanced, and Pro

  • The Basic plan costs $39 per user per month and includes load searching, truck/lane posting, decision tools, and book it now. 
  • The Advanced plan costs $125 per user per month and includes everything in Basic plus fuel desk and credit stop broker. 
  • The Pro plan costs $149 per user per month and includes everything in Advanced plus load comparison, real-time updates, rate insights, heat map, best-paying loads search, and multi-trip. 

The plans are designed to meet the needs of different logistics professionals, with Pro offering the most advanced tools for those who require comprehensive logistics support.

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Truckstop: the complete test

In the logistics industry, load booking and transportation management can be complex and time-consuming. Fortunately, the Truckstop logistics software offers a comprehensive load board, Transportation Management System (TMS), and carrier onboarding tools to simplify and streamline these tasks. We will therefore describe three key features of the Truckstop software, including its comprehensive load board, its Transportation Management System (TMS), and its carrier onboarding tools. By understanding these features, logistics professionals can take advantage of the Truckstop software's tools and optimize their logistics operations, making load booking and transportation management more efficient and effective.

Comprehensive Load Board

Truckstop's load board, known as, is a comprehensive platform that offers features for carriers, brokers, and shippers to find and book freight loads efficiently. One of its key features is its customizable search filters, which allow users to narrow down their search to the most relevant loads. The platform also offers real-time tracking of loads, providing logistics professionals with visibility into the status of their loads and enabling them to make informed decisions. Another useful feature is its load recommendations, which help logistics professionals find loads that match their preferences.

Transportation Management System (TMS)

Truckstop's Transportation Management System (TMS) is a comprehensive platform for logistics professionals to manage their transportation operations. The TMS offers load planning and optimization, dispatching, carrier management, and freight payment features. The load planning and optimization feature helps logistics professionals plan the most efficient route for their loads, while the dispatching feature enables them to manage their fleet effectively. The carrier management feature provides tools for managing relationships with carriers, while the freight payment feature simplifies the payment process.

Carrier Onboarding Tools

Truckstop's carrier onboarding tools help logistics companies manage their relationships with carriers. The tools include carrier qualification, insurance verification, and electronic document management. Carrier qualification tools help ensure that carriers are compliant and meet the requirements of logistics companies. Insurance verification tools ensure that carriers have the necessary insurance coverage, while electronic document management simplifies the process of managing carrier documents. These tools help logistics companies onboard carriers more efficiently and effectively, reducing the risk of errors or compliance issues.

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