Silverfin: Connected accounting software

Silverfin is a platform that aims to to improve the lives of accountants and their clients. It allows companies to create and manage their accounting strategy in the cloud, but also improves the efficiency of compliance and reporting services. 

A platfomrm to improve competitiveness and secure more revenue

The platform contains four functionalities necessary for the exercise of connected accounting.

First of all, the software offers to manage all customer data in the same secure space on the cloud. It automatically integrates the updated data.

Then a standardized reporting system allows to perform common accounting tasks such as the production of working documents, monthly closing, management accounts. This makes accountant's lives easier because every day bookkeeping is automatically generated by the software.

Then, the platform provides access to detailed analyses. These enable accountants to advise clients on strategy and financial situation.

Finally, a focus is placed on the client advisory aspect, so that the advisor can constantly improve his services and be able to notify the client quickly of any changes. 


  • digitization of all data
  • financial advisory service for clients
  • access to all files at any time

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