Divvy: in summary

The free software and smart corporate cards that make up Divvy's all-inclusive cost management system make it easy to request, spend, and keep track of your company's funds.

Divvy is a platform for spending and expense management for companies that also offers a company credit card. The business offers small businesses funding as well as solutions for controlling expenditure and budgets. A line of credit, a crucial component of credit cards, is also given to Divvy accounts. It can be used anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted because it is a part of the Visa payment network.

How does it work

The Divvy app provides worthwhile benefits for spending, such as extra points for typical business expenditures. For yourself and other employees, you can purchase Divvy cards, or you can obtain virtual cards to use online. Even if you have poor credit, Divvy financing may still be available to you. There is no minimum credit score needed for Divvy because a personal guarantee is not essential. For new enterprises without a track record of good credit, Divvy also provides a Credit Builder program.

It's a fantastic method for you and your staff to get rewards for business purchases. Additionally, if your company issues credit cards to its workers, you may relax knowing that you've established spending restrictions.


  • Virtual Cards
  • Reimbursements
  • Rewards
  • Credut Builder
  • Accounting Integraion
  • Mobile App
  • Reperting and insights
  • Payments Services


The Divvy Platform is free to use to manage budgets, expenses, physical and virtual cards, and so much more.

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