Expensya: in summary

Available as a Web and mobile application (iOS, Android and Windows), Expensya is an expense management software that is aimed at all companies: freelancers, SMEs, and large groups. 

Simplified management of professional expenses

Entering business expenses 

The Expensya solution allows employees to quickly enter their expenses by taking pictures of their receipts directly on their smartphone. Equipped with intelligent recognition (OCR technology), the Expensya mobile application detects all relevant information in a few seconds: amount, expense category, VAT, payment method, date, etc.

The expense report is automatically created, ready to be submitted to the manager for validation and then sent to the accountant to initiate the reimbursement process.

All data is archived in a secure cloud.

The validation workflow

Managers are automatically notified when a claim is created by an employee. All they have to do is validate or reject them in a few clicks: 

  • No need to re-enter amounts and create the monthly expense report counter in an Excel;
  • All calculations are automated.

Accounting entries are also generated: 

  • And saved in the accounting software if you choose to synchronize Expensya with your accounting tool;
  • Or exported in the format of your choice. 

You save time in processing expense reports and get an overview of your teams' expenses thanks to dashboards and statistics. You analyze these expenses and verify compliance with the company's professional expenses policy.


Some of the features of this expense report management software includes:

  • Zero manual data entry
  • Zero paper
  • 100% Nomad
  • Email processing
  • Approval workflow 
  • Customer support
  • Knowledge base

Travel and mileage expenses 

Expensya is a software designed to help you effectively manage your employees' travel expenses. For example:

  • You create different types of mileage costs when configuring the tool: create sample expenses, configure expense rules such as limits. 
  • You categorize your expenses for better readability.
  • When travelling abroad, the application automatically manages currency conversions.

Multiple Integrations Offered by Expensya 

Expensya offers the ability to integrate its service with other enterprise's software to streamline and simplify day to day tasks for more visibility into the company. These integrations can include the integration of the credit card statement, email integration and integration of commercial sites which are available as premium features. There is also the choice of customizable features that include file sharing via FTP and custom API integrations that are also available as premium features. 

Some integrations offered are:

  • Uber
  • Oracle
  • Sage (x3, 100, 1000)
  • SAP

Expensya promotional offer

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Its benefits

OCR + technology for automatic invoice entry in 1s

Data is archived: paperless

Multi-platform solution (Web, Android, iOS, WindowsPhone)

Certifications:ISO 9001, GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 27018

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Expensya: its rates

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