MineralTree: in summary

MineralTree offers a comprehensive solution for automating accounts payable (AP) processes, tailored for mid-market and enterprise businesses. By integrating with hundreds of ERP systems, MineralTree simplifies and optimizes payment workflows, providing a unique blend of automation, efficiency, and financial control.

Its key features include end-to-end AP automation, payment optimization, and virtual card payment options that offer significant cost savings.

What are the main features of MineralTree?

End-to-End AP Automation - TotalAP

MineralTree's TotalAP is a complete solution for AP automation, designed to digitize and automate the entire invoice-to-pay process.

  • Automated Invoice Processing: TotalAP automates the entire AP process, reducing processing costs by up to 80%, and is scalable from handling hundreds to tens of thousands of invoices monthly, supporting business growth without additional headcount​​.
  • Optimized Invoice Journey: The platform customizes each phase of an invoice's journey to fit specific workflows and user needs, providing tools for accelerated invoice processing, optimized payments, and improved working capital​​.
  • Invoice Capture and Approval: Automates the capture and coding of invoice data, with the ability to scale to any volume. It features 2-way or 3-way Auto PO Matching and syncs directly with ERPs for consistent AP processes​​.
  • Payment Authorization and Optimization: TotalAP allows finance leaders to approve and schedule payments according to cash management policies. It mitigates fraud risks with built-in payment controls and optimizes the payment mix to minimize costs and maximize rebates​​.
  • AP Analytics: Offers real-time dashboards for visualizing KPIs such as invoice aging, payment mix, and rebates earned, aligning AP with strategic business objectives​​.

Seamless ERP Integration

MineralTree boasts broad ERP coverage, offering direct, real-time integration with leading ERPs and compatibility with hundreds of other accounting systems.

  • Effortless Connectivity: Ensures seamless connectivity with a wide array of ERPs, enhancing efficiency and accuracy of AP processes​​.

International Invoice Processing

MineralTree automates the processing of international invoices in 130 local currencies.

  • Global Payment Capabilities: Enables international wire transfers with real-time exchange rates and lower transaction fees compared to typical international wires​​.

Invoice Payment Automation - TotalPay

MineralTree's TotalPay transforms manual, labor-intensive payment workflows into efficient, secure, and cost-effective processes.

  • Workflow Transformation: TotalPay extends your existing AP team, optimizing the security, speed, and costs of B2B payments while maintaining control over payment decisions​​.
  • Enhanced Security: Maximizes ePayments, offloading vendor payment details management, and leveraging top-tier security controls​​.
  • Increased Efficiency: Frees up AP staff from burdensome tasks by automating payment execution and eliminating vendor management tasks​​.
  • Cost Reduction: Optimizes payment mix to reduce reliance on expensive, high-effort payment methods like checks, favoring ePayments that offer rebates​​.
  • Simplified Reconciliation: Allows reconciliation per payment run instead of processing individual payments, streamlining the process​​.
  • Control and Visibility: Ensures control over supplier payments and maintains visibility into payment status at all times​​.
  • Improved Supplier Experience: Enhances supplier satisfaction with timely payments, detailed remittance, and easy updates on payment preferences or status.

By integrating these features, MineralTree not only streamlines AP processes but also turns them into areas of strategic business advantage, offering significant cost savings and efficiency improvements.

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