Opium.PSD2: PSD2 Compliance and Open-Banking

Open Banking with ease! Opium.PSD2™

Opium.PSD2 is a payment application programming interface (API) designed for banks and other account servicing payment service providers (ASPSP) to launch their open banking strategy and comply with EU Directive 2015/2366: Payment Service Directive II (PSD2). Our pragmatic and cost-efficient API is delivered as a secure turn-key solution and offered as a business process as a service. Opium.PSD2 is an Open-Banking API that integrates with your web banking platform, complete with multi-factor strong customer authentication (SCA), eIDAS certification and accredited TPP verification. Our solution complies with the Berlin-Group standard for payment APIs. Take advantage of the opportunity to offer value-added services through an open banking API.

▻ Synchronized Authorization Directory

▻ Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

▻ Business Process as a Service

▻ eIDAS certificates

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Strengths of Opium.PSD2

  • Secure API
  • Business Process as a Service
  • PSD2 compliant
  • Certifications: eIDAS

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