ClicData: in summary

ClicData is a Business Intelligence solution that allows for easy reporting and advanced dashboards with automatic data update.

Connect all your data in real time with ClicData

Data analysis has for a long time been very complex and tedious. It's an old story today with ClicData. This solution will allow you to gather all your data in a single place to analyze and format it much faster. ClicData can aggregate data from over 200 different sources like Google Analytics, Amzon S3, Dropbox, MySQL databases, Salesforce, etc.

Create dynamic reports easily

In one application you'll find everything you need to create dynamic reports, easily: Datawarehouse and data cleanup features, data visualization features (+50 widgets) and collaborative options to share your dashboards or integrate them into other applications (such as a website for example).

Advantages of ClicData vs. GoodData or Tableau

ClicData is a data analysis tool whose rapid implementation is formidable. It also makes it possible to process and share all kinds of data in an eco-system that is becoming more and more complex. ClicData is a Business Intelligence solution that is also particularly accessible in terms of pricing and ownership.
Thanks to ClicData, the monitoring of your performances becomes more agile and allows you to spend more time on the analysis and management of your business thanks to the indicators (KPI) accessible on mobile.

Business Intelligence for every business

Besides fast and smart dashboards, our Business Analysts are available to offer you the best exeperience on ClicData. Benefit from their expertise in data management and analytics to focus on your job, whatever you do. You can ask for: 

  • Product training and 1-hour custom demo
  • Creation of custom dashboards with your own data sources

ClicData is the BI tool for every businesses, no matter their sizes. After all, even small and medium companies deserve to be successful and innovative! 

Its benefits

Smart visualisation

Fast implementation

40% more cost effective

Certifications:GDPR, ISO 27001

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ClicData - ClicData: Strict control of access, knowledge base (tutorials, demos) interactive dashboard templates
ClicData - ClicData: Training, Adaptive web interface Website (plugin form)
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ClicData: its rates

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