Armony Data: in summary

Keeping data up to date in multiple systems is always complex. ARMONY Data allows you to go beyond a simple transfer by implementing the data synchronization mode.

With this ARMONY Data mode, you can easily define the sources and destinations of your data, t. The application then detects, compares, and synchronizes the elements.

ARMONY Data allows you to reduce the problem of synchronization between the primary and subsystems.

With Armony Data :

  • Discover and navigate the relationships between objects in a database
  • Synchronize data between multiple databases quickly
  • Generate complex SQL queries easily
  • Compare between structures and databases
  • Add pre or post Synchronization treatments
  • Process in multi-source / multi-destination, multi-base, or mono-base mode


Discover data and projects

  • Database scan, relationship, and data discovery
  • Browser and Data Preview
  • Complex SQL Query Builder
  • Search advanced data in tables
  • Multi connector to databases (Oracle, MS SQL, My SQL, …)

Comparison and Synchronization

  • Data / Structure Comparison
  • Virtual key management
  • Add of relation in the reference tree
  • Data Synchronization

Script generator

  • SQL script generator
  • Add pre or post-transfer treatments
  • Script generator for Armony Report and Armony Data
  • SQL interpreter ( MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, …)
  • Database connector (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, …)
  • Application connector (Interpreter IFS via Middleware, Nuxeo, …)

Synchronization and advanced functions

  • Managing synchronizations in script mode with assistance
  • Addition of synchronization mapping between databases
  • Management directory file, FTP, …
  • Excel file generation, conversion to Word, HTML, ...
  • Script scheduling, event call, sending by email
Information on Armony Data
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List of the available languages: English, French

Armony Data: its rates and features


On demand


Queries Designer

Application Settings

Data Duplication
Data Import & Export (CSV, XLS)
Master Data Management (MDM)

Document Management

Document Synchronization

Product Information Management

Automated Data Export / Import
Categories Management, Groups, Subgroups, Product Custom Product Variations
+ 3 other features

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