Lattice Engines: AI-Powered Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing

With Account-Based Marketing, marketers are able to combine and centralize all data. This data is mapped and organized by account, buying location and contact. This gives the ability to create engaging and targeted campaigns

Lattice Engines AI-driven software identifies who will buy, what they will buy and when they will buy it. This allows for more customer focused communication and service that will produce higher success rates. 

Why Lattice Engines?

Enterprises have switched over to ABM due to its strategies that allow it to outperform other marketing investments and achieve higher ROI. The platform allows you to connect 1st and 3rd party customer data, segment the target audience and predict their behavior, activate hyper-personalized campaigns as well as measure account-level engagement.

Accelerate growth in your company today with Lattice Engines Software!

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