BlueFiles: in summary

And securing data exchanges becomes simple

BlueFiles is a secure solution for sending and transferring even large volumes of sensitive data, both internally and externally. End-to-end encryption solution with no trusted third party or protocol breakage. 

BlueFiles meets the requirements of Security, Simplicity, Sovereignty, Sobriety.

Security :

BlueFiles Transfer's security makes it a trusted platform, allowing you to enhance security to your recipients or regulatory authorities. 

  • Has a valid security visa issued by the National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI),
  • Ensures the traceability and history of actions concerning a document,
  • Ensures legal and regulatory compliance,
  • Has an automated sending and receiving utility.

In addition, the BlueFiles solution allows:

  • with or without the solution. The authentication of the recipients is done with 4 levels of security available,
  • Setting up a secure deposit page where large files can be sent to you,
  • The implementation of strong TOTP authentication,
  • Setting up an LDAP/AD link to manage licenses,
  • Nextcloud/Onedrive cloud integration,
  • Mastering PDF documents.

Simplicity :

The ease of use of BlueFiles, without changes in user habits, makes it an easy platform to adopt!

  • Integrates SSO for your users,
  • Shared account (functional box) BlueFiles license,
  • Receive a download link in the mailbox to access the file after authentication certifying the identity,
  • Add transparency with Bluefiles professional version; an Outlook and O365 add-in allows to send and read directly the received files,
  • Educate users about sending sensitive information,
  • Exchange larges documents,
  • Allow a recipient who does not have the solution to reply to a message in encrypted form,
  • Allow the deposit of sensitive documents.

Sovereignty :

Digital sovereignty is a major issue. BlueFiles allows you to develop a form of digital autonomy in order to keep control of your data and digital sovereignty also applies to individuals, by focusing on preserving the right to privacy you protect their data and reassure users and meet the ethical and regulatory issues. 

BlueFiles is a 100% French solution, with a security visa from the ANSSI. It is hosted in a French structure, certified SecNumCloud, health data host

Sobriety :

BlueFiles makes it possible to take advantage of digital technology while keeping control of the environmental issue. Digital technology offers innovative solutions, such as reducing paper costs, but it also has a significant impact on the environment. 

Allows to share data on a unique platform and to optimize emails and file exchanges and thus limit the sending of attachments by securely providing information. 

BlueFiles takes you from instinctive to controlled digital. 

The benefits for the user:

  • Ease of use,
  • Time saving,
  • Protect yourself from identity theft, personal information leaks,
  • Compliance with standards.

The benefits for the company:

  • Cost reduction,
  • Sharing of controlled information internally or externally,
  • Protection of sensitive information (GDPR, financial, R&D, commercial, etc.),
  • Compliance with the laws and regulations on data protection,
  • Enhancing the level of trust that employees, customers, and other stakeholders as well as the general public can place in the company's ability to protect its information assets.

Benefits for digital teams :

  • Easy to deploy,
  • Implementation of a resilient solution

An answer to the most demanding jobs :

  • General management, executive committees
  • Data Protection Officers
  • Information Systems Managers,
  • Professions related to legal matters, purchasing,
  • Audit firms.

Its benefits

Security, Simplicity, Sovereignty, Sobriety

Outlook Addin

Secure deposit page

Certifications:ISO 27001, ISO 27018, HDS, ANSSI, GDPR, CSPN

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BlueFiles - Screenshot 1
BlueFiles - Screenshot 1
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BlueFiles: its rates

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