Evernote: in summary

Evernote is one of the best note-taking platforms in the market, with lots of powerful functionalities. Evernote makes it easy to capture and share ideas, prioritize projects and optimize the management of everyday tasks. With 250 million users worldwide, the application is among the most popular and widely used note-taking tools.

Key Features

Here are some features of Evernote that you shouldn't miss: 

  • Web clipper

  • To-do list

  • Task reminder

  • Calendar integration

  • Notes synchronization 

  • Research tool 

  • Document scanning

  • Notes templates

Evernote is appreciated, among other software, for the security of the information stored. The application's publisher has developed a whole specialized program for optimal data protection. A regular evaluation of the application will check the suitability and performance of the adopted security system. 

Other additional possibilities include integration with third-party applications such as the Google Drive file storage service, Outlook email, Microsoft Teams, and Slack collaborative messaging.


Evernote has a free version called Evernote Basic, with features designed for one-time users. It includes all the note-taking features for the application and its web version, including writing with a pen or voice recognition.

The paid plan starts from $7,99 per month. In addition to the features of the Basic version, the paid version has artificial intelligence capabilities that highlight notes to related content. 

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Appvizer's opinion

To sum up, every organization requires productive and efficient work, hence the importance of using Evernote. This tool is designed to take notes, but also to organize ideas and carry out projects. The strong point of this software is the guaranteed security of stored data such as notes, information, and files. It has a free version, so do not hesitate to make a try! 

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Evernote: its rates

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Appvizer Community Reviews (3)

Digital notepad is a must


Digital notepad is a must

Maisarah S., published on 4/30/21 Certified reviews

Digital notepad is a mustOverall: Taking notes and scheduling daily to-do list is very easy with this software. I just simply love all the feature and tools that they are offering, and it is not costing me too much for upgrading to the premium plan. This software has been great for me so far. Transition from my old notebook to this digital notebook is easy and not much learning curves involving to make me feel comfortable to use it daily for my note-taking needs. Its availability to my smartphone is the most critical aspect, as i need to use it not only when i am in my office, but also when i am on the road. What i like least with Evernote Business is, there are no option to open the note that i am saving outside the software. There are no feature or option to export it or saving it to other format that can be read on third-party software. Some other feature that i hope they can add to the software is voice recording to the notes.Switched From: Zoho NotebookReasons for Switching to Evernote Business: I feel that Evernote Business is more easy to use.

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The best with idea management


The best with idea management

Suhailah S., published on 4/19/21 Certified reviews

The best with idea managementOverall: Evernote Business is a very comprehensive application that really help me to saves my note and idea. It quick launching to start up the application let me to access to the software quickly and get on with my work. Overall, this is the best experience with note taking apps that i ever use. Using this application for managing my notes, idea and daily task is the best as it is very simple to do it all from this single application. Separating all my notes into its own category help me to find my notes back quickly whenever i need it back. Saving screenshot of article on website using the web clipper also one of thing that is really useful with this application. There are not many difference on feature for the basic account and the premium account which make it a little bit wasting to upgrade to the expensive premium account. The file format of this application also can't be read on other software and if i need to share the note to my team or my colleague, they also need to have this application for it to work.Switched From: Zoho NotebookReasons for Switching to Evernote Business: Sharing my note to other user with Zoho Notebook is quite difficult. Evernote has more option to do it.

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Help to save my note quickly


Help to save my note quickly

Zuhairah A., published on 4/7/21 Certified reviews

Help to save my note quicklyOverall: I need solutions for managing and saving my note digitally, and this software has help me to do it so effectively. It also let me to manage my daily to-do list and as my reminder for my daily event and activities. All my data is saved online which let me to get i back from anywhere. Evernote Business is the best program that has help me to saves my note and any idea of mine quickly because it work online in the web browser and can be opened from any platform like desktop and smartphone. Any screenshot from my phone screen will be saved automatically into the note for future reference. This software has more bugs and problem while using it from smartphone as it keep on crashing when i am trying to add a new note to the application. Other than that, i also keep getting error trying to synchronize my note from smartphone to the desktop. Switched From: Zoho NotebookReasons for Switching to Evernote Business: Evernote Business is more suitable for me to use because of the easy access to the software.

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Based on +200 reviews
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