Wooclap: in summary

Rather than fighting smartphones, Wooclap turns them into an exceptional learning tool 

Wooclap is a digital solution that makes learning awesome and effective. The solution is used by large companies, universities/colleges and Ministries in more than 100 countries. 

Through questionnaires and other types of animations, the solution allows teachers to measure the degree of understanding of the participants in real time. The solution is for both teachers and participants, simple and intuitive.

How does Wooclap work in three steps? 

  1. Create your questions (multiple choice questions, polls, numerical value questions, word clouds, etc.). 
  2. Launch your question and invite your participants to connect through the URL displayed on the screen.
  3. Display the results instantly in your Powerpoint presentation. 

Why use Wooclap?

  1. Measure audience's comprehension in real time 
  2. Stimulate interaction and the involvement of learners
  3. Improve learning

They trust us !

Deloitte, CBC, Bridgestone, Belfius, BNP Paribas, Microsoft, Bruxelles Formation, EMC, Abilways, Mapfre, ULB, UCL, ENSAM (Paris Tech), Areva, STIB, IBA,…

Wooclap - Wooclap: Creation Interface
Wooclap - Wooclap: Creation Interface
Wooclap - Wooclap: Creation Interface
Wooclap - Using Wooclap in 3 quick and easy steps?
Wooclap - Wooclap: MCQ
Wooclap - Wooclap: Tag Cloud
Wooclap - Wooclap: Wall posts
Wooclap - Wooclap: results Export via Excel, PDF or results grid
Wooclap - Wooclap: Viewpoint Administrator
Wooclap - Wooclap: Viewpoint participant

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