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According to Lemon Light, "70% of customers have shared a brand's video with others". As you can see, video is the most impactful communication medium! But for a video to have a real impact, it must be of quality: short, original and emotional.

That's why it's important to choose the right video editing tool! And we wanted to introduce you to ours.

EoleEdit is a super simple video editing solution! Why? Because we've put together all the essential features, so you don't have to worry about it and you can edit quickly and efficiently!

Wherever you are, log in to EoleEdit with your login and password, without having to download any software. Prepare your video easily, even without being a professional editor! Cut, paste, add text, logos, images, transitions and sound and you're done. Have fun with every click!

You can export your media in all possible formats: 16/9; 9/16; Square; Vertical; Horizontal and publish it on all your favorite networks!

Its benefits

fast, efficient and simple

essential features for video editing

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EoleEdit - Screenshot 1
EoleEdit - Screenshot 1
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EoleEdit: its rates

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