Timelapse Lab: in summary

Timelapselab offers a complete solution for the remote monitoring of construction sites by combining high definition plug & play time lapse devices and a functional platform for the management and control of construction works. The platform integrates a proprietary software that utilizes neural networks to blur faces, plates, bodies and vehicles, to guarantee maximum data security.

Timelapselab allows for a tailor-made experience and the co-creation of products that can best respond to the specific necessities of the customer.

TLA8 – versatile & reliable

The time lapse device TLA8 is built with industrial grade materials to resist to the most adverse metereological conditions and it can be installed on any surface. It is IP67 certified for protection against the entrance of any small solid body or immersion in water.

The device is equipped with accessories that make it extremely versatile in any situation:

  • Transport box;
  • Interchangeable and personalized lenses;
  • Power supply cable;
  • Buffer battery.

TLA8 is a plug & play device: once installed in only a few simple steps, it starts operating immediately and it does not need any on-site maintenance. It can be shipped in Italy or abroad.

Data certainty, control and promotion

With each time lapse device, the customer is provided access to the Timelapselab App platform, through which they can manage autonomously all the shots taken since the first steps of the installation process.

By accessing the main dashboard with their personal credentials, one can see in real time all the images taken by the devices and filter them by date and time. These can be shared with collegues and collaborators for a quick and efficient exchange of information. The images can be overlaid and compared thanks to the split and overlay functions, for a clear progress overview.

Time lapse videos are automatically generated weekly, monthly, or in a time interval set by the user. There is also the possibility of creating personalized time lapse videos with the internal editor: the user can add logos, texts, music and they can select the shooting interval that best suits their needs.

Furthermore, Timelapselab guarantees respect for the privacy and safety of site workers, by integrating a software based on artificial intelligenze and neural networks for the protection of all sensitive data.

Access to the Timelapselab App platform is available on pc, tablet or smartphone, allowing for a constant remote monitoring of on site operations.

All areas of the company can benefit from the Timelapselab system, in particular marketing and communication, project management, HSE and all involved stakeholders.

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Certifications:ISO 9001

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