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Presentation of Vplayed

Vplayed is a readily built international video on demand solution. Their solutions are compatible across iOS, android, windows and web applications making them highly scalable and adaptable.

Upheld by AWS cloud (Amazon Cloud) support, Vplayed has ample backend curbs to contrive video database, user subscriptions, and analytical reports . Further, Vplayed is equipped with a wide scope monetization options such as subscription VOD, Transactional VOD, Coupons & promotions, Pay-Per-view, Ad-based revenue and Video discovery granting its users to monetize their revenue through their custom-built video streaming solution.

Advantages of Vplayed

  • Compatible with AWS, Microsoft Azure & Akamai server systems
  • Live streaming to web, desktop & mobile
  • In-built video analytics
Information on Vplayed
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List of the available languages: English

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