Cactusoft Construction: in summary

With over 12 years of experience in the construction industry, Cactusoft Construction has developed a field management software that fulfills the operational needs of subcontractors. Cactusoft Construction offers subcontractors a comprehensive communication and daily operations tool that allows them to:

- Plan and assign workers to job sites according to their availability, their training, and their work history on a project

- Access and share documents in project-specific online folders (i.e. work plans, timesheets, completed forms)

- Customize Cactusoft Construction to their business’ specific needs, with online forms for workers and personalized jobsite tasks

- Validate each worker’s mileage, hours, and pay instead of having to calculate each of these values, reducing and simplifying the workload of your paymaster

With these core benefits and more, we invite you to try our software for free, to see how our software can meet your operational needs and how it can save you time and money.

Its benefits

Real-time collaboration

Payroll preparation

Interactive worksite map

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Cactusoft Construction: its rates and features

On demand
Add Notes by Email
Event Scheduling
Group Management
Note Taking
Notes Sharing
Planning Overview

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