luminjo: in summary

Why use luminjo instead of a standard contact form? Customers will communicate through luminjo and not through the classic mail software. Instead the conversation with the client becomes accessible from the luminjo dashboard.
You offer to your contacts a unique experience for customer satisfaction.
All features have been thoughtfully designed to best handle all requests and ensure that all customer conversations are processed. Tickets have an easily identifiable status: New, Open, Pending, Closed. So you know at any time what happens to a customer request.
Using luminjo is a beneficial to your support team. Easily assign a ticket to one of your competent agents in a few clicks. Well thought-out features have been added to effectively respond to a ticket.


The features are oriented to offer the best customer support experience possible for your shop but also for the customer. As any professional that provides online support, customer satisfaction is key.

With luminjo: 

  • Talk with other support agents about a conversation thanks to internal comments that are invisible to the customer.

  • Reply in one click with an automated reply. Perfect for replying to frequently asked questions

  • Know if another agent is responding to a ticket. Therefore, avoid answering the same query twice.

  • Create folders for storing your tickets should delight you. Finding a ticket should be a breeze.

  • Assign a ticket to a specific agent who will be able to process an application efficiently

  • Assign different roles to your agents based on their skills

  • Choose the language of your choice: French, English, Spanish and Italian.

+ For the customer :

To create a good customer relationship, it needs to work in both directions. This is why the luminjo online support software gives customers total transparency in their questions and queries sent to a company.

By obtaining the URL of the ticket corresponding to his request, the customer immediately obtains the history of the actions carried out on his ticket. The customer knows if an agent has opened the ticket and when someone has responded to it.

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luminjo: its rates

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