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A New Standard in B2B Intelligence

Genesys PureCloud

All-in-one cloud contact center solution


The Phone System Built for Modern Businesses

Appointment Scheduling Software


Customer Success automation for SaaS


Focus on making sales with this user-friendly CRM


The shortcut to happy customers



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Intelligent Phone System for support and sales team


The All-In-One CRM and Invoicing Solution


Instantly engage your audience with a chabot

Zoho CRM

Online CRM to manage sales, marketing and support


A 100% Cloud communication solution

Sellsy CRM

Simple and intuitive CRM software

An effective lead management tool for sales reps

QuickBooks Facturation

Online invoicing software for entrepreneurs


Create tailor-made proposals and quotes


Dynamic FAQ with integrated Chatbot

Simple CRM Enterprise

A simple, pleasant, and cheap CRM


All Your Small Business Needs

YellowBox CRM

The CRM Designed for Sales Teams

Sales & Customer Management solutions

Ticketing software is a Sales & Customer Management tool that allows event promoters to manage events on a single platform. It covers promoting events, ticket sales, reservation management, and performance reporting.

Customer Engagement Software promotes interactions between a company and its customers. Businesses can use this tool to get more feedback from their customers and include their expectations when developing new products.

A Call Center Software allows you to manage all tasks related to Sales & Customer Management. Find and compare Call Center Software for your business. You will also be able to find all the contact center software, for before and after-sales service.

Make sure 100% of your customers are satisfied with your product and services thanks to a Customer Support Software. If a user or a buyer has a question or a problem he will open a ticket on your platform easily avoiding frustration. On your side you never get overloaded by demands, you keep control of your processes, and keep your customers happy.

A iPad POS Software allows you to automate all tasks related to Sales & Customer Management. Find and compare iPad POS Software for your business.

Customer Success software are solutions designed to ensure the success of your customers, increase their satisfaction with your product, and reduce the attrition rate.

Sales Intelligence Software improves your sales performance using Big Data. These tools can replace ineffective cold calling with marketing automation to generate leads and business opportunities more efficiently.

A Pricing Optimization Software allows businesses to carry out a pricing process efficiently, analyse prices of products and services on the market, and determine their own competitive prices, track the impact of a chosen price on profit.

Pricing Optimisation Software can help you to build a successful pricing strategy, increase win rates on deals, and set customer-specific pricing.

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Salesforce alternatives CRM software
Find the perfect CRM to meet the needs of your business. Look at the pros, cons and main features of 6 solid CRM apps, compared to Salesforce - the world’s leading CRM app. The CRMs are geared towards a variety of business types, sizes and budgets. In a diversifying market, one size does not necessarily fit all, and bigger is not always better. The freelancer doesn’t have the same requirements as a company with 10 employees - nor the budget. Find out more about You don’t need a CRM, Sellsy, Pipedrive, Zoho, Base and Teamleader.