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Customer service software is a Customer Relationship and Sales tool designed to manage your organization's Customer Relationship activities. Similar to an extension of the sales department, these tools centralize the omnichannel requests of customers (emails, chats, social networks, etc.) and facilitate their processing.

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Our selection of 11 customer service software

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Streamline customer support with a comprehensive software solution. Automate ticket management, prioritize inquiries, and personalize customer interactions.

Increase customer satisfaction with Zoho Desk's collaborative platform. Utilize AI-powered analytics to identify trends, monitor agent performance, and optimize workflows. Customizable reports and integrations with popular apps provide a seamless customer experience.

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Supercharge your team with contextual AI

Manage tickets and everything else in one place

Empower every agent to delight every customer

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Paid version from €7.00 /month

Boost conversions with AI chatbots and real-time visitor insights. Improve customer engagement and streamline sales processes.

Zoho SalesIQ's advanced chatbot capabilities and visitor tracking provide valuable data for sales teams. Personalize interactions and increase conversions with targeted messaging and proactive chat invitations.

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Privacy commitment

Part of Zoho ecosystem that has around 45+ apps

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Paid version from $15.00 /month

Streamlines customer service with ticketing, automation, and multi-channel support.

Freshdesk enhances customer support experiences with advanced ticketing functionality, automation tools for streamlining operations, and support across multiple channels. This platform enables businesses to manage queries more efficiently, improve agent productivity, and deliver personalized service. Its analytics feature assists in tracking performance and customer satisfaction levels. Ideal for companies looking to elevate their customer service game.

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Transparent pricing

Intuitive UI

24/7 assistance

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Pricing on request

Streamline customer interactions with advanced service tools and analytics for businesses.

Service Hub offers a suite of powerful customer service tools and insights designed to help businesses streamline their customer interactions. Integrating customer feedback, ticketing, and live chat systems, it facilitates efficient support and satisfaction tracking. With Service Hub, organisations can leverage detailed analytics to improve service strategies and ultimately boost customer loyalty.

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Paid version from $15.00 /month

Streamline your customer support with this SaaS software. Enjoy features such as ticket management, automation, and reporting to improve your team's productivity.

With this software, you can easily manage customer inquiries through a centralized ticket system. Automate repetitive tasks and track key metrics through robust reporting. Boost your team's efficiency and provide better customer experiences.

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Paid version from €75.00 /month

Streamline customer support with intuitive software that prioritizes efficiency and organization.

With advanced features like automated case routing and customizable workflows, this software maximizes productivity and promotes customer satisfaction. Its user-friendly interface simplifies communication and enhances team collaboration, allowing for seamless issue resolution.

Read our analysis about Service Cloud Benefits of Service Cloud

Complete customer history with Salesforce integration

Artificial Intelligence can anticipate an activity

Scalable platform from 1 to 10 thousand users

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Paid version from €30.00 /month

Streamline your customer service with software that tracks, manages, and organizes all customer interactions in one place.

With this software, you can easily prioritize tickets, assign them to agents, and monitor their progress. Its reporting and analytics features help identify trends and areas for improvement, while its automation tools allow for quicker resolution of common issues.

Read our analysis about easiware Benefits of easiware

All in one platform for customer interactions management

Offline and online: covers all channels, including stores

AI applied to customer relations - semantic analysis

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Streamline Customer Service with Powerful Software. Automate tasks, track interactions, and improve agent productivity with intuitive tools.

With this software, you can create custom workflows, manage multichannel communications, and access real-time metrics to optimize performance. Plus, integrations with popular CRMs and other tools increase efficiency and data accuracy.

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Boost customer satisfaction with streamlined service management. Automate tasks, track issues, and deliver fast resolutions.

With JIRA Service Management, you can easily manage customer requests, incidents, and problems from a single platform. The software's automation capabilities enable you to automate repetitive tasks, while its issue tracking feature helps you stay on top of customer issues.

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Streamline your customer service with powerful software that simplifies communication and enhances customer satisfaction.

Smart Tribune offers a range of tools to help you manage customer inquiries, from chatbots to ticket tracking. Its intuitive interface and advanced analytics make it easy to monitor and improve your customer service experience.

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Selfcare and Digital Customer Relationship Consulting

SEO improvement

Solutions on the entire Self-service value chain

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Streamline customer support with an innovative software that connects businesses and customers via messaging.

Apple Business Chat provides a user-friendly interface for customers to ask questions, make appointments, and complete transactions without leaving the messaging app. With automated responses and personalized messaging, businesses can efficiently handle customer inquiries and create a seamless customer experience.

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Customer Service software: purchase guide

What is customer service software?


Customer service software refers to relationship management solutions that facilitate interactions with customers and prospects to improve their satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer service software centralizes customers' omnichannel requests (email, chatbot, phone, SMS, mobile application, video conferencing, social networks) and allows you to address them from an online interface. The latter usually includes:

  • Requests for information or advice on a product or service via live chat or messaging
  • Messages left on community spaces
  • Options for customer support connect with customers to help solve a problem
  • Tools to manage comments and reviews online

How does it work?

Customer service software work in four steps. First, it allows customers to contact customer service as follows:

  • Send an email to a contact address
  • Complete an online contact form, add attachments
  • Send a message on a live chat
  • Post a message on social networks

Internally, each message is the subject of a support ticket and is assigned to the right person based on pre-established business rules, which can automatically sort requests. These could be useful to:

  • Categorize a request based on answers to a contact form
  • Send messages from social media directly to the community manager
  • Provide suggestions and preliminary answers through a chatbot

Support staff are given a user account that allows them to manage tickets in real-time. They can answer messages individually, such as:

  • Requests for information before choosing a product or service
  • Help requests regarding the use of a product
  • Technical problem reports, which can be forwarded to technical assistance
  • Messages left on social networks (comments, opinions, etc.)

The customer is automatically notified of the response to his request.

After the interaction, an automatic message can be sent to invite the customer to share their user experience and rate the quality of the interaction.

Hotlines follow the same pattern: the customer contacts customer service, answers questions from the voice server, interact with an agent and is sent a follow-up satisfaction survey.

These SaaS solutions allow you to manage your company's customer service via a browser or a mobile application.

What are the main features of customer service software?

Online support tools

Customer service tools allow you to multiply the touch-points with your customers: contact forms, chats, widgets (Web and mobile), etc. Each message is assigned to the right person based on the ticket allocation rules you have defined. The sender receives an acknowledgement of receipt.

Internally, the tool works according to the same principle as a task manager. The interface help agents track the tickets they were assigned to and the associated deadline. Through this dashboard, they can:

  • Respond to multi-channel messages from their newsfeed
  • Transfer the ticket to the after-sales service in the event of a technical problem
  • Create subtasks and assign them to relevant agents
  • Use a search engine easily find customer files easily
  • Assign different priority levels to customer files and requests

An internal chat allows agents to communicate and collaborate with other team members from the same or other departments.

The customer is automatically notified of the response to his request.

The same principle applies to call centers:

  • The customer answers questions from a vocal server (allocation rules)
  • He enters into a relationship with an agent
  • The call can be transferred to other agents
  • A ticket can be issued and transferred to customer support

A dashboard and performance reports measure KPIs such as the number of customer interactions, customer satisfaction, and service quality.

Feedback collection 

Automatic emails can be sent to customers to collect feedback, including:

  • Scores and opinions on the products they have just purchased
  • Satisfaction surveys after an exchange with customer service or support

Customers are also invited to share their experience (notes and opinions) online on the company's website, a comparator, social media, etc.

The customer portal

Dedicated portals allow customers to be created so users can search for answers to their requests themselves.

A community space allows customers to share their user experience on certain products, share tips and tricks, discuss themes related to the organization's activity, and more.

Q&A sections can help customers find the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

To interact with your company, customers can use:

  • A live chat
  • A module for opening and tracking tickets

A web widget inserted in the company's website allows customers and prospects to enter requests and be redirected to related articles.

More recently, chatbots with artificial intelligence can interact with customers more organically.

Integration with internal CRM software

The customer service tool automatically logs all interactions (tickets, exchanges: call, email, etc.) in your CRM.

This facilitates collaboration and productivity for customer service, support and sales teams.

Why should you use customer service software?

Customer service tools can improve the overall experience, and therefore loyalty. However, they have some disadvantages.


  • Measurement of customer satisfaction and definition of areas for improvement
  • Improvement in the quality of customer service: the added feeling of proximity can be a source of brand loyalty and attachment
  • Inspiring interactions can be collected: feedback can be used in R&D
  • SaaS are evolutive software that constantly adapts to new customer expectations
  • Centralization of interactions and history
  • Non-intrusive and on-demand approach for the client


  • Attribution rules (questions and suggested answers) may be poorly perceived by clients seeking an individualized experience
  • The use of bots is a double-edged sword: if the client requests complex information, the bot could fail to deliver relevant answers

The Best SaaS Customer Service Software

Customer Service softwares: Q&A

Customer service software automates customer support tasks, such as ticket management and live chat. It enables agents to communicate with customers across different channels, including email, phone, social media, and live chat. With customer service software, agents can manage customer inquiries, track customer interactions, and resolve issues more efficiently.

The features you should look for in customer service software depend on your business needs. However, some essential features include ticket management, knowledge base, live chat, social media integration, analytics, and reporting. You should also consider the software's scalability, ease of use, and pricing.

Customer service is essential for any business as it helps to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. It also enables businesses to resolve customer complaints and issues more efficiently, resulting in better customer experiences. Additionally, customer service can increase revenue by turning existing customers into repeat customers and attracting new customers through positive word-of-mouth.

There are many excellent customer service software options available, including Zendesk, Freshdesk, Salesforce Service Cloud, and Help Scout. Each software has its unique features and pricing, so you should choose the one that aligns with your business needs and budget.

Some free customer service software alternatives include Freshdesk, Zoho Desk, HubSpot Service Hub, and Hiver. While these software options provide basic customer service features, they may have limited functionality and scalability. If your business grows, you may need to upgrade to a paid plan or consider other software options.