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Rakuten Aquafadas Vente

Get your sales enablement app to boost your results
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Sales enablement apps to boost your results

Impress your prospects and automate your internal processes thanks to our sales enablement apps. You can use our technology to create convincing up-to-date presentations, which are also secure and available offline. 

With our tools, you can allow your sales and business development teams to:

  • Organise clients meetings with real-time access to information
  • Fast and mobile collaboration with the marketing team
  • More effective presentations thanks to an automated workflow

The advantages of sales enablement apps

  • Security and availability - Our mobile apps allow you to gather all the required documents in one place/format and to easily access them 
  • Interactivity - With our tools, you can create rich content and impress your clients
  • Education and training - Advice and training for your sales to help them attain their objectives 
  • Integration and scalability - Fully integrated tools and functionalities for a better collaboration 

Advantages of Rakuten Aquafadas Vente

  • Interactive and cross-platform, no-code mobile applications
  • Rakuten Aquafadas Plugin for Adobe InDesign
  • Synced with the Rakuten Group services
  • Certifications:GDPR
Information on Rakuten Aquafadas Vente
Software edited by Rakuten
Data stored in the following countries: France
List of the available languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Castilian
Use drag and drop components to create cross-platform native apps with ease.
Use our advanced plugin for Adobe InDesign CC.
Stay ahead of your competitors thanks to our ecosystem services.
Adecco mobile app
Adecco mobile app

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On demand

Sales Force Automation

Account Management
BtoB Approach
BtoC Approach
Business Proposition
Contact Management
Customer Portfolio
Product Catalog
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