Shortways: Train and onboard employees on Cloud App

Shortways is a Digital Assistant, and more precisely a "Just-in-Time Learning" solution which accelerates and secures the adoption of your business Cloud Applications (CRM, ERP, HRIS..) by your users.

Shortways, directly embedded into your business application, provides learning content and step by step guidance.

In ony one click, employees have access to relevant information, directly in their application: step-by-step guidance, training videos, business rules, procedures etc.

As a result: 

  • employees are self-trained when they need it, having one click access to training content (videos, powerpoint, text, definition etc.)
  • employees  are more efficient, in the daily use of their applications, thanks to a context sensitive help
  • are on-boarded without training efforts
  • appropriate better their business application

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Context sensitive help: Provides Shortways in one click business procedure or insight Relating to what is showing you your screen When user are interacting with the processes In Their ApplicationPush of news: The user Receives significant information (news, currency ..) Directly In His business applicationThe Shortways Digital Assistant is embedded Directly into your business applicationStep-by-step guidance: users are guided Interactively in the business application

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