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Programs for public and governmental entities optimize processes and productivity. These Software programs have been specially designed for the public sector.  Use the software comparator to choose the right solution for your public adminsitration.

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Our selection of 6 government (bf) software

DigDash EnterpriseAgile dashboard software

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Transform Your Data into Actionable Insights with Powerful Business Intelligence Software.

DigDash Enterprise provides advanced data visualization and analysis tools, allowing you to easily create and share interactive dashboards and reports. With features such as real-time data updates, customizable widgets, and predictive analytics, you can make informed decisions and drive business growth.

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Perf MonitorCustomized software for managing action plans

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Decision support software that helps you monitor and optimize system performance.

Identify performance bottlenecks, track usage trends, and receive alerts when thresholds are exceeded. Make informed decisions to improve system efficiency and reduce downtime.

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Boost team morale and productivity with our employee recognition software. Streamline recognition processes and customize rewards to fit your company culture.

Workstars offers a user-friendly platform that simplifies the recognition process, making it easy for managers and employees to give and receive recognition. With a variety of reward options and the ability to customize rewards to align with your company values, Workstars helps foster a positive work environment and improve overall employee engagement.

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Engaging 360-degree recognition

Effortless & flexible rewards

Employee, manager, leader and central analytics

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Boost your team's productivity with a powerful collaborative platform that streamlines communication and project management.

Interstis provides a central hub for team collaboration, allowing for real-time communication, file sharing, task assignment, and progress tracking. With customizable workflows and integrations with popular apps, Interstis helps teams stay organized and focused on achieving their goals.

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Streamline document management, enhance collaboration, and boost productivity with this cloud-based software.

Easily store, retrieve, and share documents with customizable workflows, automated data capture, and secure access from any device. Eliminate paper-based processes, reduce errors, and accelerate decision-making with advanced search, version control, and audit trails.

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Streamline your political campaign with software designed to manage and analyze data, create targeted messages, and track progress.

RꓱCiT helps you collect and analyze data to create personalized messages for your target audience. Track progress with real-time analytics and optimize your campaign for maximum impact.

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Government (BF) software: purchase guide

In the public sector, the need to maximize operational efficiency is as crucial as in the private sector, as citizens depend on a variety of public services to provide for themselves, their families, and their communities. 

State institutions just like businesses need software to work efficiently, offer productive customer service, and collaborate within themselves. 

Government software can be a complete stand-alone suite of tools designed to cover many types of services, or it can be an integrated solution (e.g. data presentation). It includes dashboards to present complex data, can help to increase citizen engagement, and facilitate collaboration for public sector employees.