Programs for Public and Government Entities

Programs for public and governmental entities optimize processes and productivity. These Software programs have been specially designed for the public sector.  Use the software comparator to choose the right solution for your public adminsitration.

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Security & Confidentiality
Document Management

Collaborative platform for teamwork

Custom service marketplaces

Easy and efficient project steering software

All-in-one team collaboration tool at small price!

Project portfolio management

Conducting projects and facilitating work groups

Your career, in the hands of your enterprise social network

Premises and Employees Safety

Share your files on a secure platform

CMMS - The maintenance management software !

A Blockchain-based solution to promote employee recognition

Customized software for managing action plans

Log Management & Analysis Built On ELK

Your digital spin doctor

Integrated social employee recognition & reward platform

In the public sector, the need to maximize operational efficiency is as crucial as in the private sector, as citizens depend on a variety of public services to provide for themselves, their families, and their communities. 

State institutions just like businesses need software to work efficiently, offer productive customer service, and collaborate within themselves. 

Government software can be a complete stand-alone suite of tools designed to cover many types of services, or it can be an integrated solution (e.g. data presentation). It includes dashboards to present complex data, can help to increase citizen engagement, and facilitate collaboration for public sector employees.

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A Government Software allows you to automate all tasks related to Government. Find and compare Government Software for your business.

Town hall software are designed to support and facilitate town hall operations. They can also be used to manage administrative documents, public expenditure and government employees.

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