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Apizee solutions tailored to the use of telemedicine allow doctors to organize consultations with patients remotely using real-time video to perform routine checkups and checkups, anytime, anywhere.

Whether you provide an app that allows healthcare professionals to share important medical data or communicate with or with their patients. Our technology is encrypted and offers you a practical, secure and economical solution.

Use cases

  • Teleconsultation: Connect doctors and patients around the world securely.
  • Behavioral and mental health at a distance: Appointments with health practitioners throughout the treatment. Group therapy and support meetings from the comfort of the home.
  • Well-being and distance coaching: Access to professional and certified support to stay healthy.
  • Tele-expertise: Confirmation of diagnosis or consultation with colleagues in real time and remotely.
  • Screen transfer during interventions: Live videoconference from an operating room to a group of doctors or a scientific community.

The features of our solution

1 - HADS approved accommodation: Accommodation that meets the certification requirements for approved hosting of health data.

2 - Integration within existing services: Possibility of integration into e-health platforms and services.

3 - HD Video: No installation required, Interaction recording, SMS or email invitations (ad-hoc or scheduled), Payment module for consultations by credit card and Advanced waiting room features.

4 - Collaboration: Remote photo taking, Video pointer, Prescription transfer, Whiteboard and Screen sharing.

5 - Multidevice: Connected glasses, Endoscopes and Connected objects (stethoscopes, otoscopes, etc.).

6 - Deployment: Saas, Private cloud and On-Premise.


1 - Access to healthcare: Improving access to health services for patients in geographic areas with a shortage of practitioners.

2 - Speed ​​of processing: Improving the quality of patient care by diagnosing and treating patients faster.

3 - Cost reduction: Reduced health costs related to patient or practitioner transportation.

4 - Patient engagement: Improving patient engagement in their care journey.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Strengths of Apizee Health

  • Speed ​​of processing
  • Cost reduction
  • Health care access
  • Certifications: GDPR, HADS

Apizee Health demo and screenshots

Teleconsultation with a child Screen sharing Distance coaching Teleconsultation Tele-expertise

Apizee Health customers

GCS e-Santé Bretagne with e-KerMed e-Santé ORU PACA Fondation Santé Service Vivi Doctor Biomouv eutelmed CTM

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