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Zaggle Propel is a Global SaaS platform that seamlessly automates Rewards, Recognition & Engagement programs for Employees & Channel Partners. Built as a highly configurable platform, Zaggle Propel enables the digitization of a wide variety of workflows covering all major industries, sub-sectors, and geographical practices. With in-built gamification tools and a comprehensive analytics engine, Zaggle Propel is making a defining contribution on how organizations can attract, retain, inspire & drive their workforce to continuous growth & improvement.

Propel by Zaggle is a comprehensive SaaS platform that integrates a variety of configurable programs with the objective of enabling high performance & engagement at the workplace. The platforms’ highly configurable architecture allows companies to create custom workflows for driving Corporate Values through Peer to Peer Recognition, Sales & Operational KPI’s through Metric Based Rewards & to promote High-Performance Behaviors through Nominations and Hybrid workflows. Propel’s multi-currency wallet and reward catalog that spans 25 countries, makes it a truly global platform.

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