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About SmartProfiler Azure Virtual Desktop Assessment

Businesses have deployed Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) in production. However, many AVD environments are still not utilizing full capabilities of FSLogix and Windows 10/Windows 11 or these AVD environments might be missing recommended settings. We have designed AVD Assessment Tool that can be used to perform assessment of complete AVD environment and provide an Assessment Report which includes issues and recommendations to fix the issues.

Why perform AVD Assessment?

Analyze Session Hosts using various parameters
Identify potential security issues in AVD environment
Provide recommendations to fix the issues
Check Optimization Status of Session Hosts
Report on Missing Microsoft Recommended Settings
Report on Configuration Inconsistencies across host pools
Make sure Session Hosts are optimized for logon
Check AVD environment for Privacy and disabled all privacy related items
Make sure environment is configured with best FSLogix Settings

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SmartProfiler-Office 365
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