IT Services & Software

These online computer software programs provide management, security and maintenance services under the oversight of the IT department. From virtual desktop to automated backups, you can guarantee an agile work environment for all your employees. Make a software comparison and discover the IT solution that fits your needs.

List of Software and Computer Services

Security & Confidentiality
Integration & Interoperability
IT Protection
Document Management

Software about File Sharing & Sync

The native solution for protecting your Office 365 email

Disaster Recovery Plan as a Service on French Public Cloud

Quickly build robust business applications

To check PCI Compliance

Hybrid customer support chatbot.

Guardian of your business assets

Process Automation and Application Development Software

Create in a single clicl catalogs, price-lists, flyers

Security assessment new generation

Password Management for Teams

External networks security

Auto-schedule your Azure virtual machines

Cloud Services Provider

A free mongodb online terminal

Tech solution to make web applications multilingual

Free backup software compatible with Windows Server

Open Source ITSM Software

Internal network security

VPS Hosting Solution

Artificial Intelligence for EndPoint Defense & Response

Vulnerability Management for Web Applications

Website analysis and SEO tools

Certified Consent - GDPR

Zero Code apps factory

Professional online backup

Making AJAX SEO friendly!

Build Chat Application (Android, iOS, Web)

Software for DPO / GDPR

SaaS solution to create custom investment marketplace

Qualitative analytics for websites and mobile apps

EWP to protect your Cloud and containers

Create and share documents

Hassle-Free Secure Files and Messages

Password management software

Electronic Signature Software

Dematerialization of invoices and electronic safe

Stay close to your networks!

Open Source e-commerce B2B / B2C, easy to use and install

Best Live Video Streaming Solution

Remove malwares, spam and phishing from your mailbox

Commitment platform, chat, chatbot, web call back

A simple integration and data exchange platform

Secure, simplify, share

Access remote desktops in just a few clicks

Get Control of Your Information Assets

Hystocyb, automated and secured data historization

Visually attractive apps to improve your business results

Web application continuous testing

Integration and API management platform

IT Guide and Tips

Discover our guides on IT Tools! Integrating software into the cloud for your business will greatly simplify your life. These online applications are useful for deploying the information system in your company:

  • Service management: backup, storage, large file sharing
  • Security of the system: online catering, securing the mobile fleet
  • Maintenance and supervision: infrastructure management, ticketing, remote control

Benefit from a simple, adaptable and secure information system without having to be an IT expert!

IT Services solutions

A Encryption Software allows you to automate all tasks related to IT Services. Find and compare Encryption Software for your business.

Store all of your business data with a storage solution, also called Storage as a Service (STaaS). It is a software that alows you to host your digital data online from a few documents to millions. Safety, availability and durability is guaranteed.

A Middleware Software allows you to automate all tasks related to IT Services. Find and compare Middleware Software for your business.

The digital safe is a solution for storing and archiving documents of probative value. Digital safes offer an optimal level of security and certifications.

Electronic archiving software allows data to be stored over the medium and long term with guarantees of authenticity and integrity. You can protect your professional and confidential data by monitoring it over time. Delete your paper archives permanently and go digital.

Online backup software automatically syncs data from your computer/server to a secured data center. Restoring your damaged or lost data becomes faster for your IT department and dramatically reduces the risk of a natural disaster or human mistake.

If you profide a customer support with your software you definitely need a Remote Access Software to take the control of your client's computer. You'll save a lot of time and reduce frustration.

Anti-virus software vendors fight computer intrusions every day and find solutions that are shared with all users of their antivirus software.

IT automation allows companies' IT departments to save time in managing recurring tasks. They are essential for the proper functioning of IT departments.

Complementary solutions of IT Services

Accounting & Finance

Sales & Customer Management



Operations Management

Human Resources (HR)